Nurture your business while we create a customized, success-driven strategy to grow your brand and scale your dream audience. Designed to intentionally grow your socials and refine your online presence, our full management package is guaranteed to take your business to paradise (or at least make you feel like you’re in it.)

Starting at $1500 per month

social transformation

  • Pre onboarding questionnaire
  • One-hour consultation call
  • Branding audit
  • 45-page custom social strategy identifying your target audience and how to increase your engagement, reach, and followers
  • Full bio, tagline, feed, and highlights makeover
  • 30 days' worth of custom feed and story graphics
  • 60 days' worth of reel ideas
  • Our custom engagement strategy
  • 50 custom hashtags
  • Full day of 1:1 communication & and two weeks post project customer service

What's included

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the cabana

Catering to brands aspiring to captivate their audience and infuse vitality into their social presence, we present singular content days—an exclusive opportunity to unveil the essence of your brand. With meticulous attention to your brand story, these days serve as a portal into your brand's identity, meticulously exhibiting your products or services. A complete day is dedicated to crafting an array of content, meticulously produced all poised to elevate your brand presence.

Starting at $2000 per month

content creation day

  • Pre onboarding questionnaire
  • One-hour consultation call
  • Brand photoshoot presentation plan
  • In-person content creation providing planned reels, professional photography, and behind-the-scenes content for stories
  • Filming and Editing of all content (up to 3 months worth)
  • Models Sourced
  • Set Design
  • Half or Full day availability

What's included

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the penthouse

Nurture your business as we orchestrate a bespoke, achievement-forging strategy to amplify your brand and expansively cultivate your coveted audience. Designed as a monthly retainer, this package is meticulously calibrated to not only nurture your digital identity but also to sculpt an artful expansion of your online influence. The Penthouse is designed to provide unparalleled fulfillment—a virtual paradise where your business's essence thrives and resonates.

Starting at $2000 per month

full management

  • Pre onboarding questionnaire
  • Onboarding and strategy calls
  • 45-page custom social strategy identifying your target audience and how to increase your engagement, reach, and followers
  • Branding audit
  • Instagram & and Facebook Management with up to 5 static or carousel posts per week
  • 1-2 IG reels per week
  • Monthly On-Site Content Filming
  • Daily Feed & Story Planning and Posting Management
  • Customized Caption Copywriting, Hashtag Research, and Keyword Strategy
  • Engagement & Community Management (responding to comments and DM's)
  • Monthly Report
  • Bi-weekly Planning Calls
  • OPTIONAL add Pinterest, Tik Tok, or Influencer management

What's included

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The Abode Effect

As we immerse ourselves in the delicate art of expanding the horizons of your envisioned audience, you’ll find your business becoming unrecognizable through innovative growth. Encased in the opulence of our role as your in-house Chief Marketing Officer, you are granted the exquisite privilege of unwinding, and indulging in moments of rejuvenation, while effortlessly realigning with your business necessities. Our unwavering dedication is built upon not only surpassing but transcending your highest imaginative boundaries, sculpting an online presence that stands as a testament to refined elegance and unrivaled distinction.

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client love notes

“Being a fashion start up, I was really in need of professional help when it came to marketing. whether it was social media or ads, Lilly at Creative Abode was willing to go above and beyond to create an overall winning aesthetic for my brand. What was most valuable to me was how sweet and understanding she was during my growth challenges, she is truly human with a huge heart and never made me feel like this was just a “work contract” or “business agreement”. It felt completely natural and she was so supportive in the growth of my brand.”

- Sabrina Saab, Dreaming in Luna

"We've worked with abode for about 6 months now! The team has been great about pivoting to our company's unique needs and providing creative solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the social media world. Before hiring Abode I was paralyzed and overwhelmed with running our business page. It's been a relief to have this off my plate as a business owner and know that our social media community will continue to get the content they enjoy and love!"

Ashley Kiely, Ashley Kiely Living 

- Chelsey Charbeneu, Breathe Meditation

“Creative Abode has been a godsend! They have helped us rebrand and market ourselves in a way that is true to our company. Working with them has been so easy and efficient and we are so lucky to have found them.”

“Creative Abode doesn't miss a beat from its onboarding process, social media planning, and reporting. Lilly and her team capture our brand's ethos and achieve our company's goals. We found it most impressive how they continue to stay in tune with our mission as a women-led brand. Most of all, their team is easy to work with and responsive. Each step forward with Creative Abode is a return on our investment!”

- Tiffany R. & Tiffany L., Vows of Style

“We’re so impressed and amazed with you and seriously so happy that Creative Abode found us! They just go above & beyond and I truly have not been happier with someone that has ever done social media or marketing or really anything for any of my businesses until now so I’m super excited to have them on!”

- Hannah Metz, Hannah Elisabeth Beauty