As pioneers of feminine leadership in the realm of Creative Agencies, we take immense pride in our mission: to elevate and embolden female entrepreneurs, propelling them into a luminary position amidst industry peers. Our purpose unfolds in refining their online presence, resourcefully priming it for the journey of not just growth, but of captivating their coveted dream clientele.

Partnering with us offers an opportunity to harness our seasoned expertise across the beauty, wellness, and fashion realms. Our discerning eye, attuned to aesthetics, becomes a guiding light across the landscape of digital marketing, ensuring each client shines with distinction, carving an unmistakably unique visual identity.

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Where marketing meets style
Where marketing meets style
Where marketing meets style
Where marketing meets style
Where marketing meets style
Where marketing meets style
Where marketing meets style
Where marketing meets style
Where marketing meets style
Where marketing meets style
Where marketing meets style
Where marketing meets style

Meet The Founder

The question of "When did the spark for entrepreneurship ignite within you?" frequently finds its way to me. The truth is, I never really planned it, yet I wouldn't part with it for the world. I feel incredibly fortunate to work with brands that inspire me every day, and that breathe life into my daily existence.

From as early as I can remember, I've held a precise appreciation for all things intricacy, coupled with a visionary perspective. Truthfully, falling into the realm of social marketing unfolded organically. Guided by curiosity and commitment, I’ve set out to combine my passion for visual storytelling with the ability to reveal big dreams into reality—culminating in the creation of Abode Studios.

Lilly Cook | CEO, Executive Creative Director

Driven by a firm commitment to perfection and a sincere desire to go above and beyond for clients, I wholeheartedly embrace the ethos of exceeding expectations for our brands. My philosophy is grounded in intentional work combined with untethered moments. This approach infuses each of my personal and professional endeavors with purpose. Guided by an authentic passion, everything I undertake is immersed with sincerity, thus fostering our clients' remarkable capacity for exponential growth.

I’d be honored to meet you. If you’re interested in working with our team, you can connect with us below to schedule a complimentary call. 

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COO, Project Manager

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Specializes in: Client Communication / Operations / Social Media Direction / Communications


Lead Designer, Social Media Manager

Specializes in: Graphic Design, Content Creation, Logo & Web Design, Copywriting


Senior Strategist, Social Media Manager

Specializes in: Social Media Strategy, Community Engagement, Client Communications, KPI Reporting


 Influencer Manager, Lead Content Creator

Specializes in: Trending Content, Creative Direction, Social Media Strategy, Influencer Management


Office Angel

Specializes in: Sock Stealing, Interrupting Content Creation, and Stress Snuggles


Senior Strategist, Content Creator

Specializes in: Editorial Design, Photography, Content Creation, Videography